Varieties of Online Casino Games

The online casino gaming industry is growing day by day with the increasing demand of the play. Online games offer the opportunity to the players to play both for real and fake money. Additionally they also offer various traditional casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, slot machines, roulette. Also you can play poker against other human players.

Listed below are few varieties of online casino games offered K8 Casino.


There are countless variations of online casino slots available for players to choose from. They are usually categorized as 3 Reel Classic Slots or 5 Reel Video Slots. Majority of online casino slots can be played in both free play demo mode and or with real money. These slots games are quite affordable. But if you are seeking for something even more exciting, you must go for a multi-lined video slot.

Slot gaming is quite simple. You can win handsome pricing Prizes with just a click. You can also go ahead with Free Spins, Cash Prizes or Stake Multipliers. Each slot varies from the other. But besides all the facts, slots offer you the opportunity to try out your luck and win handsome amounts with the spins.

Video Poker

Video Poker was introduced during late 1970’s in the land based casino gaming venues. Today with the increase in online gambling portals, the players are offered number of versions of the game, developed by the software companies.

Video Poker is actually a virtual card game which is based on 5 card draw poker. There are around 25 different varieties of Video Poker, but the number may vary accordingly. The player who has ever played poker before or bears good knowledge of the tactics of the wins, he would face no trouble in picking up the rules of video poker. The central idea of the game is to try and get the best possible hand of poker dealing with just 5 cards owned by the player. After dealing with those 5 card hands, you will then be offered with the choice to discard few of them and hold the rest in place.

You can also check out online blackjack, which is a very popular gambling game till today. This game too is very similar to the real blackjack game in a casino only the digits are filled in digits. Many people nowadays prefer to play online because it’s noisy, crowded, and inconvenient in a real casino at times. In any case, there is this sportsbook management software – which’d help one on how to go on about playing.

Table games

Table Games comprises of number of varieties. Few casinos offer the players with the Card Games mixed into their Table Games section. Thus you are seeking for other table games like Baccarat or Blackjack; then you must browse through the list of Table Games offered by the casino site. You might also find varieties of Online Poker in the list of table games such as Tequila Poker, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker and many more. You can also speed up the game play by switching off the animations displayed on the site. Table Games as an evergreen popular variety of online casino games, along with video pokers and slots.