Sheepshead Addiction?

Take the following test to see if you are addicted to Sheepshead or Yahoo Sheepshead…almost all are member contributions…please email us your contribution.

If you are nodding your head in agreement wondering how they are doing.

7. You do not spend your nickels, dimes and quarters and save them for Sheepshead night.

6. You’ve attempted to write a Sheepshead computer program. (if you have or tried please contact us)

5. You are considering joining Sheepshead’s Anonymous.

4. To help fall asleep, you stopped counting sheep and now count trump.

3. You try to convince your family to skip Thanksgiving dinner and just go right to playing Sheepshead.

2. The Bicycle Playing Card Company sends you holiday cards.

1. You attempted to invent or tried playing Sheepshead Solitaire.