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Card enthusiast now enjoy a wide variety of options tailor made to their own specifications, Many card games can be played online, from Blackjack to Baccarat you can now play these card games on internet casinos.

Although Schafkopf literally means “sheepshead”, the term may have been derived from Middle High German and referred to playing cards on an overturned barrel (from kopfen, meaning playing cards, and Schaff, meaning a barrel). This form of game is certainly a far cry from the modern day’s internet gaming featuring blackjack, craps, and bingo online. Some yearn for the old days, while others enjoy modern conveniences.

It is certainly one for card game enthusiasts and others alike. Perhaps you’re one for playing poker, bridge or other card games. Or maybe you have an interest in other online casino games such as these, you could certainly enjoy this game. What sets it apart though is the unusual values placed on each of the cards – this makes for an interesting alternative to other mainstream card games.


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