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How to Play Winning Five Handed Sheepshead

This book not only teaches the basics of the game to novices, but also provides new tips to experienced players. This book goes beyond the simple mechanics of Sheepshead by capturing the flavor of the game in many ways, including a glossary of slang expressions and a short history lesson from the 1800’s to present. Publisher R. Strupp

A Field Guide to Sheepshead

By Erica M. Rosch, is a comprehensive guide which compiles the rules, strategy and variations of American and Bavarian Sheepshead (2-8 player versions). The capricious nature of the game is conveyed through humorous anecdotes and quotes. Sheepshead websites and software resources are provided, as well as information on organizing tournaments and teaching new players. Designed for novices and experts alike, this is a one-of-a-kind manual which anyone interested in the game should own!